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Yahoo! Travel Review

Yahoo! Travel Review
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Yahoo! Travel Review

We all know that online travel websites can help us find a great deal of information that we could use in our travels. Most feature sections about travelling or about top destinations, including rare deals that only they offer. Some online travel sites focus on specific services. They could help you book flights, car and hotel services. WIth them, you can even browse for other packages you might find interesting: vacation bundles, combinations and cruises.

Basically, you can access and accomplish much with an online travel website. As we see in this Yahoo! Travel review, some websites can go from simple sites to the industry leader in online travel websites. Online travel sites have also been proven to drive traffic to other websites. This Yahoo! Travel review examines the powerful force of Yahoo!s travel experts team.

How and Where it Began

Jerry Yang and David Filo founded Yahoo! Its President and CEO is Marissa Mayer. Yahoo! has a travel research website called Yahoo! Travel. Yahoo! Travel’s editor-in-chief since March 31, 2014 has been Paula Froelich. She was born in Leeds, England on October 30, 1973 and spent her later years in the United States of America.

Under her leadership, Yahoo! Travel became the world’s largest online travel content website. Froelich is also a decorated journalist, novelist and author. She penned the New York Times bestseller Mercury in Retrograde. Last January 2012, she won the Gold Medal award from the North American Travel Journalists Association for her journalistic piece about Iraq, “Down and Out about Baghdad.”

Yahoo! Travel Editor in Chief Review

Yahoo! Travel editor-in-chief Paula Froelich is an award-winning journalist and a novelist.

Yahoo’s Customers

According to this Yahoo! Travel review, the site works fine when you book a flight or another service. However, as some customers share, they have relatively poor customer support. Their agents have a long hold time. Some other processes take a long while to fix.

However interesting the travel website is, some say that they could find other more useful sites. These same people also tend to mistrust the reviews on Yahoo! Travel. These articles’ origins, they find, are questionable. They are left to wonder what criteria the writers used in developing their stories. Yahoo! says that they use objective points, but the customers sometimes disagree with whatever review they had read from Yahoo! Travel.

The Yahoo! Travel Website

You’d expect something new from Yahoo! Travel. Saying this, you won’t be disappointed. Their Search and Save engine is able to pull up more than 1 million properties at a time. It’s powered by hipmunk.

Aside from the requisite Hotel and Flight booking on their site, the whole home screen is filled with large image tiles which lead to articles ranging in topics from News, Culture, Deals and Airlines. Their special Yahoo! correspondents post their features under Travel Rant: fun posts about trends in travel and travellers’ personal accounts. Yahoo! Travel Explorers gives you travel advice and Check out their Adventure stories.

Yahoo! Travel site 1 Review

Yahoo! Travel site 2 Review

Similarly, their tabs showcase a variety of stories on Cruise, Eat, Road Trip, Romance, Family and more. Yahoo! Travel can be followed on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter. Instagram and Pinterest.

The same articles that you see on Yahoo! Travel, however, have been found to be unreliable. They use a conversational tone. Whenever a contributor reviews a hotel’s service, he’ll be using his own parameters and will rely on his impressions and opinions. Whatever he comes up with isn’t entirely official but is a product of his own viewpoint. For this reason, Yahoo! Travel, though extremely popular, is not the most trusted travel site.

Contact information

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In Conclusion

Yahoo! Travel logo Review

According this Yahoo! Travel review, some critics felt that their website transitioning into offering booking services was a risky move. Yet their site is a travel industry leader.

It is still reliable if you want to encounter a culture-oriented piece or the latest in travel.

Trusting a single travel website too much is not recommended, but with Yahoo! Travel, you’re in good hands. They don’t mess up their bookings, but they could drive their special features to a different direction. In this aspect, they could be more authoritative so as to gain people’s loyalty.


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    I don;t care what you say about their sources, Yahoo Travel is simply the best. Expansion-wise, they’re pretty much at the top of their game. Visiting their site is a pleasure. Thanks!

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