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Yapta Review

Yapta Review
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Yapta Review

Yapta logo Review

Online travel agencies are a premier choice for booking hotel reservations. In their heydey and continuing to the present digital age, these travel websites remain a valuable resource for getting fabulous deals that are difficult to encounter should you use other means. That is one of the numerous advantages of a travel website, as we see in this Yapta review.

From booking hotels, travelling also grew to include other modes of transportation. Cars are other services that go along in the online travel agency. We are in search of an online travel website that would help us the most in travel. After all, this is one of their main roles in the travel industry.

Where it Began

Yapta is a website and add-on where users can search and book flights. Yapta’s users are alerted of any flight price changes in real time. The fares of the deals which they see are consequently up to date. Yapta also assists with refunds that they can negotiate with airlines.

According to this Yapta review, the site began its services in 2007. It was founded on July 1, 2007 by Andy Chen. Its current President and CEO is James Filsinger. He was formerly the CEO of, Inc. and was CEO and General Manager of joint venture Moneydirect. Filsinger was educated at Washington State University and is a travel industry veteran with more than 18 years of experience in the field.

Yapta CEO Review

What their Official Website Looks Like

The layout of their website looks rather like a blog. We all know that a company’s online presence — as seen from its official website — is important. Its resemblance to a more informal website is not really a negative thing. In fact,’s appearance is inviting and more engaging than most of its kind.

As expected, you can manage your trips, flights and car services online. A special offer in this Yapta review is their Airline Refund. This means that Yapta will negotiate a refund for you if your chosen flight’s price drops. With it, you can receive a refund of the difference from what you originally paid. This depends on certain conditions and airlines. They place a great deal of emphasis on corporate travel. They instantly alert you when your business-related deals change prices.

This is the concept behind their main offerings FareIQ and RoomIQ. Both monitor any price changes of your booked airfare or hotel rooms and alert you. The tickets could spread out across itineraries and the hotel rooms are compared to other rooms in the same hotel. If a saving is possible, you will be notified via FareIQ and RoomIQ.

Yapta site Review

Yapta site refund Review

The third tab includes “Company News” and tidbits about other travelling coverage. Overall, the site’s design is very accommodating. It has a no-nonsense approach to getting information across. Another fact is that it explains their policies and systems in a way that is easy to understand.

Most customers agree that if Yapta is going to use a refund feature, they should really focus on acquiring the most accurate pricings. Some tend to doubt this particular offering, as changed bookings will eventually cost a standard airline fee. They then tell others to personally check on any price changes as sometimes, on, even these can be unreliable.

Customers’ Comments and Review

People also approach Yapta “with a grain of salt.” What they offer is too good to be true. Whether or not it is truly up-to-date is another matter. Most people online will always double-check on information and end up using something else or booking directly with the airline.

These same individuals will see through this refund offer. They say that the savings should be substantial for them to feel the difference.

Other problems lie in actual customer transactions. Sometimes, tickets are sold at a higher price than their competitors’. Others meanwhile, recommend other websites in their reviews.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: (206) 625-2301
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Yapta, Inc., 159 Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98104

The Last Words

Yapta site Review

This Yapta review looks at the special services that this website offers. Overall, you should approach it with a level head. As with most other websites, cross-checking information is necessary. It is the same with You could possibly truly benefit from an Airline Refund and at the same time, see average prices on their site.

It has great offers in their refund scheme. However, most people immediately notice its weaknesses. If getting big savings is your thing, then do your side research and go try Yapta out.

How will Yapta serve you? Share the details here.


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