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Yatra Reviews

Yatra Reviews
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Yatra Reviews

Yatra logo ReviewsNo matter how decorated a website is, people will still be influenced one way or another by existing Yatra reviews which ultimately provide us with firsthand experiences of a service. The more well-known a site, the more people will expect that it is reliable. Yatra reviews give us a look behind and discuss some aspects of its image,

More on its Origins

Yatra CEO Co-Founder Reviews

Yatra CEO and Co-Founder Dhruv Shringi

Yatra, India’s leading online travel brand and search engine, was founded by its CEO Dhruv Shringi, Manish Amin and Sabina Chopra on August 1, 2006. In the year 2012, it was the India’s second-largest online travel site and by now is an organisation spanning 1,400 people. Its main head, 42 year-old Dhruv Shringi is also a qualified Chartered Accountant previously noted as one of India’s Top 40 CEOs.

Yatra is considered highly in India, where it has been recognised as the country’s top travel website. It has in its repository more than 40,000 hotels in India and 430,000 all over the globe.

Three awards it had won were “Outstanding performance as a Domestic Tour Operator (Rest of India),” “Outstanding performance as a Domestic Tour Operator in Jammu and Kashmir” and “Outstanding performance as an Inbound Tour Operator – Cat C” in the India Tourism Awards for 2012-2013. Finally, it swept up CNBC’s 2012’ “Best Online Travel Brand” for the third straight year.

Talking about Yatra

The few Yatra reviews out there are strong opinions based from negative experiences. One Indian poster from Bangalore on tripadvisor had to cancel his credit card as Yatra had inadvertently charged him for agent’s fees — later explained as airline taxes — and he didn’t want any more taken from his account.

This case is of course an extreme example but the fact remains that explanations of this action as a tax deduction do not placate anyone. Yatra can at least provide their customers with better versions of their side since they only make people angry if this indeed is their policy. They also sometimes charge without making the booking or have problems with cancellations wherein they do not proceed with refunding.

The Website is simple and extreme at the same time, the latter probably due to the sheer scope of each of its images or how they are eventually flushed together. Some websites are very convincing and Yatra’s looks a little generic and nothing we hadn’t seen before. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but their straightforwardness may be a possible subject for Yatra reviews.

Their icons are particularly impressive; in fact, the more you linger on their page the more everything comes together. They have some great features on their site and it looks wonderful at every turn. Check out their Travel Within Budget and Things to Do sections for a feel of how creative they are in presenting information.

For more details, offers and updates about, kindly refer to their Twitter account here. Meanwhile, take a look at their FAQs page here. Another thing to look at is their official Yatra blog filled with your typical travel-related themes and topics written by a young eager team that knows the ropes of travel.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +91 20 6500 6748
  • Head Office Address: Shop No.1&2, Gera Garden Road, Near St.Mira College, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001, India

A Last Look

Yatra icon banner ReviewsYatra reviews are good and bad, yet more of the latter. It’s a major travel site and should be respected but the plentier people who had used it tend to share some negative instances they had. Yatra’s record and nationwide recognition do not lie and these bad Yatra reviews should only be warning signs to a worst case scenario with an otherwise excellent company.

If you have anything to add to this Yatra review, feel free to leave a comment below.


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