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Zoomtra Reviews

Zoomtra Reviews
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Zoomtra Reviews

Zoomtra logo ReviewsWhen you use an online travel website to help out your traveling, you’re only getting closer to your goals. Setting forward on a straight path is a sure way to steadily walk along the path you desire but with the help of a one-stop-shop like, India’s first and largest travel engine, you could relax and bring back the fun to travel.

It is like zooming in on a possible target. Zoomtra reviews in particular, widen our understanding even more by providing an avenue for judging and exposure.

A Closer Look at its Services

According to one of their social media site’s description, Zoomtra is India’s “first and largest travel search engine.” Their Internet-based service offers comprehensive travel information to give its users the most efficient means to book their trips, concentrating most especially on speed while hunting.

Zoomtra Founder Reviews

Zoomtra Founder Manish Vij

Its founders’ main interests are travel and the Internet which fuel them to constantly organise and reorganise information off the world wide web. Their site earns money through clicking the advertisements found on its page. They are part of Studio Smile and mainly provide bookings for airfare, flights, hotels, railways and bus services.

Zoomtra’s founder is Mr. Manish Vij, who also pioneered India’s first digital classifieds, kabadibazaar in 1999.

People’s Comments

On, Zoomtra reviews garnered the service a perfect 5 out of 5 rating. This is mostly due to the fact, however, that there were only actually 2 reviews found there. One reviewer here does not like the website’s colours, saying that they could do better with their design.

The other Zoomtra reviews say that it is a cool website, with nifty comparison tools that make your search easier. They compliment the convenience of one-stop shopping and eventually recommend the website to others.

Their website has a wonderful colour scheme of gradients of orange and yellow that wakes people up. All of the images on their pages are fresh and Zoomtra website Reviewsunique. You get the impression that they placed a lot of effort on beautifying their website and this makes them look good.

You’ll be met with options for Flights, Hotels and Railways and conversely International Flights, International Hotels and Bus Tickets. You can view all their Travel Tips and their top deals by navigating to different parts of their site.

Their blog has an interesting layout and so are the articles contained in it, which are incredibly fascinating. They are usually lists about travel-related topics that help you flesh out anything that might catch your attention. Like the website itself, their blog is pleasant to look at and easy to digest.

This is the link to their comprehensive Travel Guide, a resource for more details about destinations in India and what you can see there. It even has special videos about the places to inspire you. For more information, offers and updates about, kindly refer to their Twitter account here.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +91 11 3083 6200
  • Contact Email:  
  • Head Office Address: 426, Sector 22A, Sector 19, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001, India

One to Try

Zoomtra coupon ReviewsAfter reading a number of Zoomtra reviews, I feel that they are an exception in that despite their prominence in their native India, they are proportionately successful. They deserve their position in the industry and they do not disappoint people online so much as to give them negative Zoomtra reviews. They doggedly plow on, creating an online atmosphere that is unwaveringly effective.If you agree with the points in this Zoomtra review, please leave your comment below.


Zoomtra Reviews The Flights Watcher Guy



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