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Zuji Reviews

Zuji Reviews
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Zuji Reviews

Zuji logo Reviews

Online travel websites allow for more flexible searches to benefit and aid their users. Having an agent at your back should prepare you for setting up your travel from booking to landing. If they are not performing from the website alone, you’ll know what kind of online travel agency you are dealing with.

Based on these Zuji reviews, we see the development from background to performance of Asia Pacific’s leading online travel agency, Zuji. What are its features? Is it worth the risk? Make your own decision based on these Zuji reviews.

Its Origins

Zuji operates in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. It is one of the Asia Pacific’s main online travel agencies. It was founded in 2002. Part of their business philosophy is “to empower you, our customer, with the right travel choices so you can get on with your journey and Travel Your Way.” The word Zuji itself derives from the Chinese word for “footprint.” This reflects their philosophy of letting their customers carve their own paths.

This Zuji review sees that it has around 200-500 employees. Flights, hotels, cars, cruise, insurance are its specialties, according to Zuji’s official LinkedIn account. From 2005-2009, Zuji was awarded Asia Pacific’s “Best Online Travel Agent” by TTG Travel magazine.

General Manager of Zuji Singapore Philip Ho began his professional career as a Cargo Systems Planner. The CEO of Zuji Hong Kong is Charlie Wong. He is a graduate of Sydney University and is a Hong Kong-Certified Public Accountant.


Zuji Hong Kong CEO Charlie Wong in front of their logo

The Buzz about Zuji

Many of Zuji’s users become discouraged after they had used the website. They think that it doesn’t do its part, giving people unverified bookings that eventually lead to time-consuming and costly hassles.

Zuji site Reviews

Based on these Zuji reviews, we see that customer service — as with many — is a major issue with Zuji. Their staff appear “unhelpful” at most. Talking to them is an issue and so is finally settling your refund with them. Straightening out any issues with a representative is time-consuming as Zuji seems to often beat around the bush or unsuccessfully handle the situation.. People online simply tell others to bring their business elsewhere.

Looking at its Website

According to these Zuji reviews, their website appears a little bland, with a dull colour however organised.The entire user interface is a little calm compared to others, with only a couple of semi-large moving images to add life to the screen.

Zuji site 2 Reviews

You can check in online and from there, manage your flights, hotels, packages, cars. Check out their Hot Deals and read their Newsletter while you’re at it. On it, they show their top airline promotions and cheap flights for you. Based on these Zuji reviews, you can even “take a break” and read up on other airlines or destinations.

For social media, Zuji has Facebook and Google accounts. They show a whole variety of deals and packages that you’re bound to find something here for you.

Contact information

The information below is applicable for those in Hong Kong. For your further reference, look at the contact details about Zuji below.

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 800 938 600
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 29 Leighton Rd, Hong Kong

In Conclusion

We saw from these Zuji reviews the online travel agency that has mostly negative reviews online. Most customers repeat the same concern and despite having these comments in public, the rest are still allowed to form their own opinion of Zuji without depending too much on what they see and hear.

It’s a commitment to choose them, so make sure that you understand these Zuji reviews carefully before making your all-important decisions about choosing a travel agent.

Zuji logo 2 Reviews

What do you think of these Zuji reviews? Did you find them helpful? Tell us here.


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